Return policy

1. Order cancellation:
Customers can cancel orders within 7 days of receiving the product. However, in the cancellation of the purchase of
goods, there are restrictions as follows:
– The product must not be activated.
– The product must not be damaged or there is damage from the actions of customers whether intentionally or not. And
the packaging must be in a condition that the company can receive it return.

2. Changing the product:
As soon as receiving the product, Please check the accuracy of the products, equipment, parts, as well as the free items of the products. If the product is damaged, broken, wrack, wrong or not match the order or that appears on the website, caused by the company or during delivery. The company is welcoming to accept change and deliver the correct products to new customers within 7 working days without any charge. Customers can notify the company to request a replacement

within 15 days from the day the product is received. Except food products, the customer can notify to change the product within 7 days.

3. Returning products:
– The company reserves the right to return products. In which the customer must keep the product and all the equipment received in the box to be in good condition.
– The amount of goods must be remaining more than 75 percent of the total volume.

4. Refunds:
– In the case of canceling an order (before receiving the product), the paid customer will receive the refund by wire transfer to the bank account provided by the customer within 15 working days after receiving the cancellation notification.
– In the case of receiving the product but requesting cancellation, the paid customer must return the product. The customer will receive a refund by transferring to the bank account provided, the customer within 15 working days after the product has been returned to the company. And the product condition has been checked.

5. After sales service / product warranty:
– In case, there is the quality problem of the product within the warranty period, it will not repair or shipping costs.
– In the event that the product is damaged under the responsibility of the customer or misuse. The customer is responsible for the cost of repairs and transportation, even if the product is still in the warranty period.

6. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Please call 096-009-3570 or