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mtz_plus_pack_delight (1)



It allows you to have your favorite cup of matcha at any time you want. It has a stronger flavor, is less sweet, and has a wonderful flavor from MATCHAZUKI, which is simple to brew with just water or milk.

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3 – 9 pcs ฿ 456
≥ 10 pcs ฿ 432 – ฿ 408


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  • ราคา

  • High-quality matcha: Beautiful dark green matcha powder made from good grade matcha. The flavor is deep, mellow, and umami-packed, with a hint of bitterness and a distinct scent.
  • Full-flavored: Deliciously intense, cafe-style flavor with a mildly sweet finish.
  • Easy to Brew and Dissolve: Simply mix it with water or fresh milk to dissolve. It’s ready to eat and wonderful. There’s no need to add any more syrup.
  • A mixture of creators: can be utilized as a starting point for creating simple and diversified drink menus that people enjoy.

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