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If you’re looking for tea brewing equipment for a beginner, you might be unsure what to get. What quality of matcha would you recommend? MATCHAZUKI has assembled all of the necessary tea brewing equipment for a novice who is just getting started.

“Good value, complete, complete in one package.”

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More matcha green tea awaits you! Starting with a MATCHAZUKI Starter Kit Set,
The kit includes all of the necessary equipment for preparing tea.
All grades of trial set, as well as matcha powder, allow you to build a variety of meals.
“Value, completeness, and completeness in a single box”

The following items are included in the Starter Kit:

  • 2 MATCHAZUKI New Sample sets (3 grams of matcha powder, all 5 grades)
  • 1 Tea brush (Chasen)
  • 1 The tea brush stand – Kusenaoshi (white or black)
  • 1 tea cup – Chawan (white or black)
  • 1 Bamboo spoon for scooping tea – Chashaku
  • 1 Matcha Sifter – Chakoshi

In the package, there is a brochure with a QR code that introduces the products.
Recipes for drinks and ten desserts are included in this e-book (5 drinks, 5 desserts)
advise on how to use and store equipment.



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