About Us


We also believe that using high quality matcha powder as an ingredient in various menus will make those menus so special that those who have tasted them will be able to sense the quality. We want to help you create matcha menu with pride and serving the best dish to customers and seeing customers impressed your matcha menu. We therefore do everything to ensure that the quality of Matcha remains consistent so that your customers can enjoy it every time they visit you.

Matchazuki's matcha has been developed specially for coffee shop and bakery

We researched and developed matcha powder in collaboration with a professional team in Japan to obtain matcha powder with the color, fragrance, and flavor that is ideal for mixing with beverages or desserts.

Running out of stock? Don't worry!!

Running a cafe is difficult enough; let us help you in managing your matcha stock. Our team can deliver matcha in Bangkok within 4 hours and throughout Thailand in 24 hours.