Sweet Purple Potatoes 200g


Purple Sweet Potato Powder (Sweet Purple Potatoes) This 100% natural purple sweet potato powder contains no additional colors or ingredients. with superior quality It has a lovely aroma and flavor, even when used in small doses.

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Purple Sweet Potato Powder (Sweet Purple Potatoes)
✔️Purple sweet potato powder that is 100% natural.
✔️There are no artificial colors or ingredients in this product. Even when used in little amounts, it has a mellow aroma and taste due to its superior quality.
✔️Dessert menus and mixed beverages are suitable for baking.
Menu example: Purple Potato Croissant, Purple Potato Latte, and Purple Potato Sauce This will provide you with the distinct flavor of genuine Japanese sweet potatoes. Anyone who has tried it will agree that it is delicious.
Origin : Kumamoto
Japan Ingredients : 100% Purple Sweet Potato Powder
Net Weight : 200 g
Packaging : Aluminum foil bag

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