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We would like people who like Matcha same us, drink good quality Matcha from Japan. So, MATCHAZUKI (抹茶 好 き) brand was born.
Our name, MATCHAZUKI comes from the combination of the word Matcha (抹茶) which means "green tea" and Zuki (好 き) which means "love". Therefore, MATCHAZUKI means "Matcha Passion".
Good quality matcha powder aside from being not bitter, it must also have a beautiful green color and a mild natural fragrance. We have selected only high quality Tencha green tea from Uji, Kyoto (宇 治 市), Japan.

It has been crushed by a crushing machine to get matcha powder green tea, smooth texture, bright emerald green for
people who love Matcha to drink Matcha with good taste, mellow quality from the true source.

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We also believe that using good matcha powder as a flavoring ingredient in various menus will make that menu so special that those who have tasted can feel the quality and intention of the cook. We want to see the owner serve the matcha menu with pride in delivering good things to customers and seeing customers impressed from all of your matcha menus.

Ceremonial 30 g

We want to help you create a better experience serving matcha menus to customers. We therefore do whatever it takes to keep the quality of Matcha stable, making it have the same delicious every time when your customers come back to eat again.

And more importantly, you can be sure that you will have items ready to serve customers all the time. So that people who love Matcha can enjoy quality Matcha drinks happily.