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1. Inform grade and amount of needs
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We will deliver products by nationwide registration or EMS, delivered within the country within 24 hours or not more than 2 working days every Monday - Friday delivery except public holidays which customers usually receive the products within 3 working days. (If more than 5 working days have not yet received the product, please hurry to notify us to check)

There is no minimum order. If you order a single bag, we can deliver it.

Free shipping nationwide registration (EMS +50 baht). When you buy 900 baht, send free EMS

MATCHAZUKI's 100 grams of Matcha powder has a capacity of approximately 33 teaspoons. You can make approximately 33 cups of 16 oz cold Matcha latte.

All our matcha powders are 100% pure green tea, no sugar, color, fragrance, or other additives added. Each grade is different in the quality of green tea leaves used to grind into Matcha powder. Resulting in different colors, fragrances and flavours. With the higher grade, the color is green, more beautiful, more fragrant and less bitter. It makes the taste smoother and more delicious.

If you like the fragrance and the taste is not very bitter, intense and beautiful color. We recommend as excellent or medium grade but If you want a slightly bitter taste, we recommend as Classic.

If they are baked products such as cakes, cookies, brownies. We recommended as Classic or Medium grades which Classic grade has a bit bitter. Ice-cream, mousse cake, cream or cheesecake that doesn't need a bitter taste. We recommended as Medium or Excellent grades which have a more clear matcha flavor and smell.

We have collected how to make matcha with recipes successfully. You can access it by following this link.

We should store Matcha powder in our aluminum foil bags then put in a normal compartment refrigerator (If store longer than 1 month, should put in the freezer) before opening the bag should be left outside for a while to make the temperature in the bag equal to room temperature. Before closing the bag, try to expel the air inside the bag to a minimum, close the zipper tightly to prevent moisture and smell before store in the refrigerator.

Matcha powder will has a lifetime of approximately 6 months and after opening it, should be used within 4 months. If kept for longer than that, the colour will begin to soften and the smell will be less fragrant because of the production process, the tea leaves are baked with steam at high temperatures to stop the oxidation reaction but over time, the tea leaves constantly exposed to oxygen. Causing to become yellow like other leaves that change from green to yellow.

It is matcha from Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Our packages come in three sizes: 40 g, 100 g and 1 kg that are packaged in good aluminum foil bag to prevent moisture, light and air, zip lock for easy use and easy to store.

It can be done in many ways. Suggested methods are use a sifted sieve of Matcha powder to prevent it from forming into lumps then use bamboo brush or electric milk frother or shake cylinder helps to melt.

Will be able to dissolve a little bit but can be used which can see how to do according to this VDO

– If the bag is not opened, you should keep it in a dry place and doesn't hotter than 50 degrees. (No need to freeze) and avoid exposing to sunlight.

– After opening, close the bag tightly and freeze (No need freeze), use the clip to tighten the bag (Should not be scooped out into other containers because it will give the mold a chance to fall) and use a clean spoon to make the product life can be extended. After opening the bag, can be stored for about 7 days which red bean paste for 2 days will start to spoil.

– The product that hasn’t preservative, mold, flour and vegetable oil but use high heat to disinfect, safety but may be harder to store than products that add preservatives.