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This holiday season, a Ceremonial Gift Set is available. 

A new set has arrived! 

containing a full set of tea-brewing tools MATCHAZUKI Ceremonial’s powerful flavor is coupled with ceremonial grade matcha powder, which uses only the softest part of the tea leaves. The valuable experience of a Japanese tea ceremony will surprise your loved ones.

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If you are looking for the ideal present for someone special, look no further. Gifts that reflect the recipient’s and giver’s personalities and identities are vital gifts that can send positive vibrations to the receiver. We recommend the Ceremonial Gift Set, which is like expressing positive thoughts through the valuable Japanese tea ceremony experience. As a result, on important occasions, you will be able to provide delight and great sensations to key people. The following items will be included in this gift set….

  1. Matcha powder (Ceremonial grade), size 30 g The grade used for a tea ceremony with selected only the top 3 tea leaves of the best quality in the most suitable harvest season from excellent tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto, Japan which is reputed to be a good source of high-quality tea with local people who have experienced tea growing from generation to generation for over 800 years. The tea leaves are ground by stone grinding to get Matcha is smooth, emerald green, intense flavor and aroma of fragrant tea. It helps create an impressive tea drinking experience and is suitable for brewing thin (Usucha).
  2. Japanese tea cup (Japanese Chawan)
    The cup is easy to use and is from Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, a historic city known for its ceramics and teacups (Mino-yaki). It’s ready to use as a serving cup. You can taste freshly brewed matcha from the first drink to the last drop.
  3. Tea brush (Chasen) made from gold bamboo then sharpened into a herringbone and bend until forming. Chasen is an important equipment that grinds Matcha powder doesn’t coagulation and easily soluble in the water. This gift Set Ceremonial is Chasen 100 shin.
  4. Bamboo spoon for scooping tea (Chashaku) bamboo spoon for scooping matcha power. It’s sharpened from fine gold bamboo and polish until smooth, no trace and do not eat tea powder.
  5. The tea brush stand (Kusenaoshi) is made from fine ceramic. It is used to overturn the tea brush to dry to prevent mold and maintain the characteristic of the tea brush to be retracted at all times, including not causing the tooth of brush to become deformed. Therefore, it extends the life of the brush as well. This Gift Set Ceremonial set is a white pedestal.
  6. Matcha Sifter (Chakoshi) Stainless steel of excellent grade Tea powder is sifted to ensure that it is smooth, fine, and does not clump together. This allows the matcha powder to dissolve more easily in water.

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