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Resin Chasen, also known as resin tea brush (レジン茶筅), is a Japanese item. It’s a crucial piece of equipment in the brewing process. Alternatively, grind the matcha powder so that it does not clump and dissolves quickly in water.

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Resin Chasen (レジン茶筅) is a Japanese object that is also known as resin tea brush. It’s an important component of the brewing process. Alternatively, you can mill the matcha powder to make it non-clumpy and easy to dissolve in water, which is perfect for beginners. or those who prefer the convenience of tea preparation The brush is made of polypropylene plastic. It is heat resistant to a considerable degree. and is versatile and supple As a result, users will no longer have to worry about bamboo scraps. Putting your hands on the tea or any mold issues that may arise from storing bamboo tea brushes.


Made in Japan

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